Help write these million dollar stories… words…’s a novel concept!!

A Novel Concept

Welcome to the homepage of a cool website idea I have come up with…….even if I do say so myself! This new website offers an avenue for online advertising and business promotion. It also looks set to create the largest authored story in history.

Anyone can participate in this event; children, teenagers, mums, businessmen and even authors! This is supposed to be a fun website and is the first to create a novel through the sale of one million words.

Buy words from me !!!!!’s the new black. This really is something that has never been tried before. People write entries (50 words minimum) to contribute to the evolving stories. The words from different contributors will combine to create a novel, whilst also linking to the website of their choice (take a peek at the Million Word Story here). In the huge sea that the internet covers, this could potentially become something of a trendy icon and provide you with access to a large audience. Please read “the idea” on the next webpage for more information on what I am talking about!

Million Word Story:        998, 478 words left to buy

                                           1, 522 words sold


Million Character Story: 997, 168 characters left to buy

                                            2, 832 characters sold

When you participate in this site, you are also participating in the creation of a time-standing, readable piece of literary history. This will most likely become the largest authored story in history, and anyone can participate as author and influence the storyline.

People who do write in these stories will also potentially gain royalties from book publishings! I think it’s a pretty original idea and hopefully will become a new trend on the internet. Over there you’ll notice me looking to the heavens! With any luck, they’ll smile happily on me and make this concept successful.


Please contact me if you have any queries

praying this works!
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