Million Character Story


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Chapter 1

“The Lucky Knight”



     "What was I doing?" I asked myself, "outside in the garden, inside the hot tub at this ungodly hour?" I shuddered, thinking of all the village tales I had heard since moving to the village. Whilst I was lost in these thoughts, I heard footsteps coming up the driveway….. at least I thought I did. Was my mind playing tricks with me? Then along the plateau before the garage, a dark figure approached and I could see the outline of something striding stealthily towards me. I seemed to hear voices and the running of a car engine on this cold winter’s night whispering “wisha wisha” secretly as the figure approached. With each step, I froze harder in the waters of the hot tub pretending that I could not be seen. At this unearthly hour and in this state, I hoped and prayed that this was just my imagination or the effect of the bottle of wine I had downed the night before along with 1000mg of depakote - my new drug imposed on me by my professional advisers after 23 years of taking lithium. I am a habitual drug taker, but this is purely medicinal to curtail my condition. Without them, there is no telling what might cross my mind. In fact, what was that? No wait….where am I? Hang on…..I think there is someone approaching, or something- that smell is putrid. Biting my fingernails, I pinched my nose with my two thumbs. I knew this was no illusion, as even I could not conjure visions of such an unearthly stench.

     I silently slid to the other side of the tub and put myself behind the cover. The moment anything moved, I intended to hold the horse in front of me and with all my strength rush towards the back door fleet of foot and sinewy; naked to nature. But in the darkness I knocked over the horse which made a dreadful noise. Everything went quiet. From the far side of the tub I continued staring into darkness. The nothingness extended into outer space and beyond. The red planet hung in the sky like a portent of things to come on this dark winters night, as though to pierce it with my eyes, which were popping out of my head.

     ……And yet looking back now I do so in the knowledge that there was no real fear that night. For some reason I eventually sensed the presence of a friendly entity - one who was to form part of my life in the years to come, one who protected and guided me…….

     ……By the time I had managed to gather my thoughts it was so still I could hear flies crawling up the wall. Then the sound of rustling papers. I stood ready to let fly with the horse; the strides were approaching five times faster than before but then withdrew cautiously. I could hear someone saying “Mr Squirrel, Mr Felix Squirrel - is that you?” Now I could breathe once more. ‘Aha!' I thought to myself, ‘This must be Crun -- he who I have known for so many a year - how could I have been so imaginative?'  Quickly I examined the papers. I was right. It was just Crun requesting a signature. Post-script, I vowed from that day onward to construct a door behind which nobody could touch me, effectively building my keep and castle. I had been taken captive in foreign lands and other places too many times before! My heavenly partner was no doubt standing at the window and looking across the quiet abyss towards the tub, hoping that I might come strolling back into the house along with my sling. The clouds were scurrying across the sky, time was passing – and I could not get away from here!

     I felt comforted and secure now I was back inside, and I had a better idea of what to do.   















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